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Altitude Check: Soon to be Sleepless in Seattle

Mark Snipefele, Mathieu Perreault and the kids, and that fancy new franchise in Seattle.

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NHL: Winnipeg Jets at New York Islanders Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

While there is not a lot going on in Jets-land, the NHL did award a new expansion franchise to Seattle, so let the shenanigans begin!

Jets News:

The Winnipeg Jets have a buddy cop duo from the AHL reprising their roles in the NHL. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Mark Scheifele’s point streak is broken, but he is still vital to the Jets. (CBC)

Scheifele is now a trigger-man for the Jets first line and his name is now Mark Snipefele. (Winnipeg Sun)

There is a major benefit for the Jets with the Seattle Expansion Franchise has been announced. (Twitter)

Hockey News:

Speaking of Seattle, they have a team now! (The Athletic)

Seattle will need a name and for the love of god, do not go with Totems. (CBC)

All the names that have been registered and I am here for the Kraken. (Sportsnet)

Finally, everything you ever wanted to know about the Seattle franchise. (Sportsnet)

Everyone agrees that there needs to be one women’s hockey league in North America, but how do they get there? (The Athletic)

A look at the evolution of NHL broadcasts. (The Athletic)

You know all about goalie coaches. What about skill coaches? (The Athletic)

Mikael Boedker has big quads. That’s it, that’s the story. (TSN)

A story about the SJHL, a goalie, a coach, and a hit list. (CBC)