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Recap: Jets fish out a win in Brooklyn

The Winnipeg Jets won a game and I made up an empty net goal.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at New York Islanders Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets faced the New York Islanders in Brooklyn and the Jets took their very AHL defence corps and somehow won with it. That said, the Jets need that defence back soon as the Islanders are not very good (please do not judge them on their PDO bender to start the season). Anyways, the Jets won and I was able to get to the gym.

First Period:

The Jets decided to get their penalty out of the way early with one only seconds into the game, but they managed to kill it off with little excitement. It should tell you how I am feeling when I thrown off by the fact Nelson Nogier was playing and Josh Morrissey was not and even more so when Andrew Copp was out and Brendan Lemieux in.

That said, the only qualm I have about the first period was the power play: put five forwards on the first unit, you cowards! The Jets have the forwards that they could go all offence on the top unit and allow the second to roll with Jacob Trouba and Sami Niku. Okay, one other complaint: the Jets have no breakout, but they are also down multiple good defencemen so this is to be expected.

Second Period:

Another period where nothing really happened. It is not the Jets fault; the Islanders are bad and the Jets are really beat up on defence. This game is about what you would expect from these two lineups. The positives are: Connor Hellebuyck is looking good and Sami Niku is looking like a NHLer. That second one is large because the Jets defence has needed a boost of some sort and Niku seems like he could fill it. He might have come in later, but could Niku be this season’s Kyle Connor?

Third Period:

As I was getting ready to go to the gym where they do not play hockey, the Islanders scored. As I was talking to my parents, the Jets were on the powerplay and my mom noted that the shot had to come from the point because the Islanders were clogging up the middle. Lesson here is listen to mom. I missed the next goal as I was at the door, but I can imagine is was off the cycle and in a goal mouth scramble. Finally, Nikolaj Ehlers’ empty net goal featured him vanishing at centres ice after lobbing the puck into the air, only to reappear under it right near the empty net to score. Just like PoMo drew up.


  • The defence held it together.
  • My mom called the first goal.
  • Sami Niku looks like a NHLer.


  • The game was so, so boring.
  • My gym only shows CTV. Women like sports, Shapes.