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Altitude Check: The Winnipeg Jets’ secret to their success

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Tyler Myers hits his grove, Alex Formenton gets hurt, and we learn how to talk about female athletes.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Winnipeg Jets News:

The Winnipeg Jets need to learn from the Chicago Blackhawks fall-off. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Tyler Myers is back to playing like himself. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Matt Prefontaine might not be a known name on the Winnipeg Jets staff, but he is vital to the Jets success. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Kevin Cheveldayoff was a GM in the AHL at one point and when he was, it was with the Chicago Blackhawks. (Chicago Daily Herald)

What is the Winnipeg Jets greatest weakness? (Sportsnet)

Hockey News:

Alex Formenton is out for Team Canada at the World Under-20 Championship. (NHL)

Patrik Berglund had the flu and now he is suspended by the Buffalo Sabres indefinitely for failing to report to the team. (NHL)

Kiefer Sherwood’s name means he was destined to play hockey and he got to play at home recently. (Redlands Daily Facts)

The Chicago Blackhawks mascot fan beat up a fan and it was caught on video. (Yahoo)

When you are covering women’s hockey or women’s sports in general, focus on her story instead of that of her family. The women are interesting enough on their own. (The Ice Garden)

Corey Crawford was diagnosed with another concussion and the discussion should be focused on his long-term health after he missed most of last year with concussion-related problems. (The Athletic)