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The Winnipeg Jets claim Marko Dano; assign him to the AHL

Derek gets to make all the Dano puns now.

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets have claimed Marko Dano from the Colorado Avalanche and assigned him to the Manitoba Moose in the AHL. They were able to do this because the Avalanche played him for less than ten games before waiving him. The Jets had first right to claim because they originally waived him and that is what allowed them to send him to the AHL. (Murat Ates, The Athletic)

This is a good depth move for the Jets. While Dano might not be a NHL regular for various reasons, there are far worse players the Jets can call up and Dano should help fill in the void left by Kristian Vesalainen who has officially been signed by Jokerit as of today.

The Jets, as with any NHL team, need to have depth in the AHL in case injuries hit. They know that Dano can play on the fourth line without costing them games if they get hit by injuries. He is a known quantity and can manage himself in the AHL. This means that if the Jets want to call up a player to sit in the press box, they can and allow someone like Mason Appleton to continue getting reps in the AHL.