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Do you miss Enstrom yet?

He left the Jets this summer and moved on before then and yet the Jets never looked to replace him and now they miss Toby Enstrom like never before.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Winnipeg Jets at Vegas Golden Knights Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets officially miss one Mr. Tobias Enstrom. While Enstrom was not as good as he once was; he seemingly lost his offensive touch in the NHL or he simply allowed Dustin Byfuglien to terrorize the NHL while covering for everyone defensively.

It would be easy to say that Enstrom was washed up after a tough 2016-2017 season; one that was exasperated by his partner being diagnosed with cancer. Last year he rebounded in a big way and showed himself to still be a top defenceman for the Jets.

Player Season Team Position GP TOI G A P P1 P/60 P1/60 GS GS/60 CF CA C+/- CF% Rel CF%
TOBIAS.ENSTROM 2017-2018 WPG D 43 684.46 1 5 6 3 0.53 0.26 10.95 0.96 627 571 56 52.34 3.14

I decided to only look at last season because as already mentioned there were outside factors impacting his on-ice performance, but last season he was back to his reliable self. Enstrom has always quietly just been there for the Jets and prior to that, the Atlanta Thrashers. It might be because Enstrom quickly learned that if he talked in cliches, people would not come talk to him after games. He just came to the rink and played every night. He was good and reliable. He was always there.

Enstrom is not here anymore and it shows. It shows in the fact that the Jets have not been able to find him a good partner. It shows in the fact the Jets are looking more and more like a one pairing team again. And it hurts a lot because they should be a contending team and not a team with a bad defence.

Enstrom is doing fine. While the HockeyAllsvenskan is not the SEL and definitely not the NHL, it is still the second best league in Sweden and Enstrom is a point-per-game player there while captaining his team to a 7-1-0-1 record (that is seven wins, one overtime win, zero overtime losses, and one loss). His team is in first place and Enstrom is their captain.

Enstrom would not fix all the Jets defensive issues, but boy do they miss him now.