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Does the perception of a player impact their contract negotiations?

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Perception is a funny and dangerous thing when looking at NHL contracts.

Perception would probably be Kyle Connor should receive a deal similar to Ehlers or slightly more based on inflation, so let’s say 6.5 to 7 million on a long term deal.

Is it fair to assume perception would place Patrick Laine or Mitch Marner’s value around 8.5 to 10 million on a long term deal? I believe it is.

Connor had 9 less points than Marner and 13 less than Laine. All three are wingers. So my question is, are Marner and Laine worth paying 2-3 million more for per season? I don’t think so. Take it a step further and assume Austin Mathews will probably receive roughly the same as McDavid, is he worth 3 million more to the Leafs than Marner?

in today’s salary cap world do not under estimate how much value 3 million has to a contending team.

I am just guessing on these salaries and no one can say how this will all play out but paying 3 million more per season for roughly 10 points doesn’t make sense to me.