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Will the Winnipeg Jets win a playoff game this year?

Is this the year when the franchise finally wins a playoff game?

Anaheim Ducks v Winnipeg Jets - Game Four Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have never won a playoff game be it as the Jets or the team previously known as the Atlanta Thrashers. Will they be able to finally change that and become a team that has won a single playoff game? They are a strong enough team that they can do more than that.

First of all, how does a franchise exist for 18 years and only have two playoff appearances to show for it? Horrible mismanagement of assets is one. Remember the Braydon Coburn for Alexei Zhitnik trade that we talked about last night? That was more common than you think in Atlanta. So bad management had a role to play, but what about bad coaching. Remember the one playoff series the Winnipeg Jets had against the Anaheim Ducks? They completely changed their style of play to their detriment.

Why does it look like they can at least win a game this year in the playoffs? They have the depth to beat teams, they have been battling through injuries just fine recently, their goaltending is strong, and they have speed. Now, some people will say that a player like Nikolaj Ehlers will be eaten alive in the playoffs, but you can’t hit what you can’t catch. In other words, the Jets can beat a team in more ways than one.

The Jets can very easily do more than just win their first playoff game and actually win their first playoff series. They are a strong team that has improved greatly from the start of the season. Paul Maurice seems concerned about the heavy workload Connor Hellebuyck has had so far this year and is it possible that he will monitor his playing time a bit more in the second half of the season.

All in all, the Jets are looking like they will be able to achieve their franchises first ever playoff win if they continue to play the way they have been playing and getting the goaltending they have been getting. No one knows what the playoffs will bring for them this year, but hopefully it will bring more than another four and out.