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Rookie Tournament GDT: Winnipeg Jets versus Vancouver Canucks

The rookies begin their quest for glory tonight.

Winnipeg Jets v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Hockey is back and the Winnipeg Jets rookies are ready to roll at the YoungStars Tournament in Penticton. The Jets have been there since their return to Winnipeg and they have used the tournament to allow young players to gain their footing before main camp.

This year’s first round pick Kristian Vesalainen will not be in the lineup as he has club commitments in Europe already. Other than Vesalainen, this will be a great time to see the Jets best prospects playing against players with different experience levels. The Jets are putting forth a team that has many players who are entering their first year of professional hockey or on try-outs. It is normal for top players to only play two out of the three games this weekend.

The game starts at 9:30 CST. You can watch the game here and listen to it here. There are no lines available tonight.