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Preseason Preview 6: Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets are playing another meaningless game.

NHL: Preseason-Winnipeg Jets at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

After winning their first pre-season game against the Calgary Flames Monday night, the Winnipeg Jets are at it again and playing the Ottawa Senators in Winnipeg. This should be another testing ground for the Jets top lineup and letting younger players have a real chance to make the team.

The Jets will most likely roll out their top line-up again which is a good thing. They need to play together more to develop chemistry as a group. It is a good time to see what young players can do when played with veterans and what older players can do when given a new life with those young players.

It is most likely that the Jets will play close to their opening day lineup these next two games; the final two on their preseason schedule. The Jets should also be making more cuts soon to bring their numbers down to 23 for the opening day roster.

Finally, a bonus WTF quote from Ottawa: