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Top 25 Under 25: Number 23 Logan Stanley

How does a recent first round pick rank so low?

2017 Memorial Cup - Championship Photo by Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

Logan Stanley. Possibly the most divisive prospect the Winnipeg Jets have. He is not a bad player, just a bad pick and there is a difference. Stanley is not worth the first round pick spent on him, but he would have been drafted by the second round at the very least.

The reason Stanley is not a good pick is because he is not the best skater or puck handler. However, he can move the puck with a simple target. In short, Stanley needs hockey to be as simple as possible for him to succeed. He can make strong plays once in the offensive zone, but getting there is currently a struggle for Stanley. How do the other writers see him?

Tim: Logan Stanley wasn't drafted to play in the NHL right away and he won't. He remains a project, but there are some reasons for optimism. While Stanley's numbers are relatively bad, he has benefited from next to zero powerplay time. It will be interesting to see if that changes with some pending graduations in Windsor. I'm hoping it does and we see Stanely put up something like .7 points per game. Some quicker feet would go a long way to getting him there.

Andy: Alright, I'm the Logan Stanley fan in the bunch. Despite tearing up his knee mid last season in the OHL, Stanley worked hard, and was able to come back stronger than ever as the Spitfires hosted, and eventually won the Memorial Cup, 4 months after his most recent game no less. His skating has improved. His determination and grit will never change. However, for a larger sized skater, his future conditioning will be a challenge to upkeep.