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Top 25 Under 25: Number 24 Erik Foley

Does the 20 year old project to be a NHLer?

Team Unites States v Team Russia - Semifinal - 2017 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Erik Foley is preparing for his third season with Providence University. He started as a true freshman and will be a free agent if left unsigned by the Winnipeg Jets when he graduates. He played for the United Stated Under 20 Men’s World Championship team last year, recording one point in seven games. While he might not amount to much, far worse players have become productive AHLers, so even if Foley does not reach the NHL, a career in hockey is not out of the question.

Tim: Erik Foley gets somewhat lost in the shuffle, but he's a very interesting prospect. He plays a very projectible game with strong skills along the walls and nice hands in tight. He's fiesty, he hits and he scores well at the college level. He brings a lot to the table. It isn't unreasonable to thing Foley will earn a role as an NHL depth player in the coming seasons.

Andy: Foley is trending nicely in points from his first year of hockey with Providence College (19) with his second year (34) in the same amount of games played (36). If that's an accurate synopsis, Foley may score close to 50 points this season, and then turn his attention to professional hockey season after next.

Brian: I was not a fan of the Foley pick when it was first made, but he's definitely proven me wrong. Foley has a definite shot to make the NHL roster in the next couple years, which is very impressive consiering how strong the Jets are at left wing.