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Top 25 Under 25: Number 4 Nikolaj Ehlers

Will the young Dane be able to continue to climb in the rankings?

Winnipeg Jets v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

When Nikolaj Ehlers was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets three years ago it was seen as a great pick; now that he has been in the NHL for two years, the pick is still seen as an excellent pick. Ehlers has a lot of skill and knows how to use it. His adjustment to the NHL from junior hockey was quick. Although he seemed to struggle to score goals at points this year, he still had an excellent season and should continue to grow as a player as he enters the final year of his entry-level contract. It is fair to say that the only reason he is not higher on this list is because of who is still left on the Jets.

Tim: Nikolaj Ehlers may not top these rankings, but he is - in my opinion - the Winnipeg Jets most exciting player. Ehlers ability to create space and treat entire opposition teams like pilons is incredible to watch. His so smooth with the puck. His skating is incredible. Enjoy this kid. He is a special talent with point per game potential.

Brian: Nikolaj Ehlers is a very good hockey player. His scoring slumps put a bad taste in some fans' mouths, but his underlying numbers certainly make up for it in my eyes.

Andy: Nik Ehlers entered his sophmore season with high hopes and expectations, only to find his game had a lot of peaks and valleys. A bit of a scoring slump seemed to deflate and frustrate him at times. You could also tell he was gainng confidence, as he would take a few more risks than his rookie season. Here's hoping he can put it all together this coming campaign.