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Top 25 Under 25: Number 8 Marko Dano

Will the Slovakian live up to the promise shown in his first season?

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Marko Dano came to the Winnipeg Jets from the Chicago Blackhawks in the Andrew Ladd trade. Dano had a great rookie season with the Columbus Blue Jackets, but seems to have fallen out of favour with his past two coaches: Paul Maurice and Joel Quenneville. There is little explanation as to why this has happened with either team, yet here we are.

Dano has some skills and the ability to score if we are to believe his first season. Since then he has shown the ability to drive play even when he is not putting up points. At his current scoring rate, he is probably the perfect third line player. If he ever fulfills his potential, he could be more than that, but what the Jets need out of him now is an everyday player who outplays the other team when he is on the ice.

Tim: Marko Dano isn't the most pleasing player to watch. His skating stride is awkward and he looks slower than he skates. He's smart though and he uses his smarts to push the puck into the dangerous areas of the ice. He is also very willing to engage in physical play. His hits and willingness to play a net-front role should earn him ice time. Coaches usually eat that **** up. Dano has the skill the score and the grit to play in a grinding role. It will be interesting to see how he'd deployed.

Brian: There is no reason for Marko Dano to be benched this season. He's better than any other option for the Jets on the fourth line. The Jets made a trade with Vegas to keep him on the roster, it's time for the Jets to show why they still want him on the roster.

Andy: Dano looked to be a regular in the lineup, but then his ankle injury happened. Tough to keep up the conditioning when it's a lower limb injury, and this hampered the rest of his season upon his return. Some have him on the outside the main roster going into this coming season. I for one would like to see him focus and grab a starting spot right out of camp.