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Top 25 Under 25: Number 9 Jack Roslovic

Will the young forward fulfill his potential?

Winnipeg Jets v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Jack Roslovic has quickly become one of the Winnipeg Jets top prospects with his strong play. He played one year at Miami University Ohio where he put up 26 points in 36 games. He then moved onto the Manitoba Moose where he recorded 48 points in 65 games. He also played at the Men’s World Under-20 Championships this year where he recorded two assists.

Roslovic is not as far into his time with the Jets as a player like Petan is. He still has time to prove himself as a scorer, like he has shown so far. If he continues to raise his game and show his potential, not only will he have been tremendous value at 25th overall in 2016. Time will tell if he will fulfill the potential he is showing right now, but there should be hope that the Jets will have another young offensive player on their roster.

Tim: Jack Roslovic was a bit of an unknown on draft day, thought by some to be a passenger on a line with Auston Matthews and Matthew Tkachuk. While it is now clear that he isn't in their class, Roslovic has established himself as a very nice prospect on his own merit. Roslovic does everything well. He is mobile and he thinks the game at a high level - this makes him an offensive threat who can be relied upon on defensively. It looks at this stage as though Roslovic could be a long term piece in the top six. Even if he can't carry a line, he's shown that he won't act as a drag on his linemates.

Brian: I had no idea who Jack Roslovic was when he was drafted, but that changed quickly. If his development keeps going at the pace it has since his selection in 2015, the Jets may have another really, really good centre in the mix.

Andy: Roslovic is going to be an NHLer. His debut of sorts came late last season, and he didn't dissappoint. His second season going into the AHL will do him some good as he gains some consistency in his game.