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Top 25 Under 25: Number 10 Nicolas Petan

Will the young forward be put in a spot where he can succeed?

Winnipeg Jets v Toronto Maple Leafs

Nicolas Petan is ranked tenth overall in Arctic Ice Hockey’s Top 25 Under 25 because of potential and potential only. The Winnipeg Jets forward has struggled to score at the NHL level, but he has also been saddled with Chris Thoburn so do not judge him too harshly.

Petan still has the talent to be a skilled NHLer and had his moments last season. He now needs to make those moments more consistent and be able to show that he is capable of scoring in the NHL. Petan has the potential to play on a second or third line in the NHL and put up points, but that is only if he is put in a position to succeed by the coaching staff.

Tim: It seems like a good chunk of Winnipeg Jets nation is ready to give up on Nic Petan. It might be a little early for that. Petan hasn't been great in the NHL, but he hasn't been bad and he had definitely shown glimpses of what he can do. This season will go a long way towards telling his story.

Brian: Paul Maurice should be arrested for attempted murder for the way he's handled Petan's career so far. If given a fair shot, Petan would be a lot higher in these rankings. He's talented enough, and if he doesn't get a shot this year, I'd expect to see him dealt. Hopefully to a team that will actually let him play.

Andy: Petan has to be frustrated. He found himself a healthy scratch more often than not last season. Why? I'm not sure. Paul Maurice seemed to like scratching him. Petan can be a great player, and when on the power play, you can see the confidence in Petan when he quarterbacked the play. In his third season, will be again be bench warmer or trade bait?