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Top 25 Under 25: Number 14 Andrew Copp

Can the fourth liner move up in the line-up?

Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

Andrew Copp was signed out of university two years ago by the Winnipeg Jets and has been playing for them almost ever since that moment. He is the player that can frustrate some fans not because he is a fine depth player who the coaching staff insists can play higher in the lineup when injuries hit. In his normal role Copp is a capable third or fourth line centre or winger. He is versatile and able to play against other teams lower lines and help the Jets outscore them from time to time.

Copp is up for a contract in two years has he is making a million dollars against the cap for the next two years. He is on a fine contract and the Jets seem to like him, so he is probably a Jet for the near future unless something drastically changes everything.

Tim: Andrew Copp is a near ideal depth player. He can play center or on the wing. He can kill penalties and he has enough offensive skill to play up the lineup. The only thing missing to date is a consistent two-way game - which is somewhat surprising given the scouting reports prior to him joining the Jets. Copp won't be the kind of player that can carry a team - or even a line - but he is useful plug and play depth on a team that will soon need cheap bit players.

Brian: I really like Andrew Copp. I would like to see more of Andrew Copp. Perhaps in an all skill fourth line with Dano and De Leo maybe?

Andy: Copp's game expanded somewhat last season, as he was lined up on LW with Scheifele and Wheeler for a few games. His grit and board play were used to fish out the puck, freeing up Scheifele could concentrate on retrieval, while Wheeler was there to snipe it in. The experiment worked. Here's to more experimentation with Copp, as I think he can pleasantly surprise.