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Tyler Boland invited to Winnipeg Jets Rookie Camp

The mystery of the QMJHL player is solved.

Rimouski Oceanic v Gatineau Olympiques Photo by Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto/Getty Images

Right after the draft after the Winnipeg Jets development camp had started a QMJHL media person noted that Tyler Boland was invited to the Jets camp. The problem was he was not on the Jets roster and it seemed like he was not present at the camp at all. That is because he was not. Instead, he was extended an invitation to the Jets rookie camp in September when they go and play in the Penticton Rookie Tournament.

Boland was an overager last year for the Rimouski Oceanic. He had a break-out year, recording 103 points in 68 games, up from 54 points in 67 games the previous season. He is probably a player who simply broke out because he had more experience than most of the players in the league, but it does not mean the Jets were wrong to invite him to Rookie Camp. If anything, Boland will play a few games in the rookie tournament and at the very least get invited to the Manitoba Moose’s camp instead of the Jets camp.