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The Atlanta Thrashers history is the Winnipeg Jets

As sad as it is, the Jets got to keep the Thrashers history.

Washington Capitals v Atlanta Thrashers Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets do not own the history of the Jets 1.0. That history belongs to the Arizona Coyotes who have retired the numbers of legends and honoured them as only a team who had those players play for them can. The Winnipeg Jets are now the holders of the Atlanta Thrashers history in the same way the Coyotes are of the Jets history.

The Thrashers were never a good team. They made the playoffs a grand total of one time and won a total of zero games when they reached the post-season. They have had some spectacular players who were never surrounded by the supporting talent to make a go of it as a team. Ilya Kovalchuk and Marian Hossa in particular were let down by the Thrashers management that could never assemble a team that was worthy of the star attractions.

As much as the current Jets would like to claim the original Jets history as their own, that can never happen because it moved when the franchised moved. However, the Jets now have the Thrashers history. It might not be much of a history, but it is all the belongs to the Jets now.