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UFA 2017: Winnipeg Jets should trade for a defender

Instead of signing an overpriced player, trade for one at market value.

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are looking to improve their defence through free agency. If they really wanted to improve their defence they would look at trades to get better value for the player they are bringing into the organization. The unrestricted free agent crop of defencemen is not very appealing while there are probably defencemen to be had on the trade market that are better.

To facilitate a trade the Jets have a lot of forward prospects they can use. They also have an abundance of draft picks that can be used to get the player they want. They could have used a third round pick to get Nathan Beaulieu, but that one makes sense because it would have forced them to leave him unprotected as well. Instead, they can use a player like Nic Petan, Chase de Leo, or even someone like Jack Roslovic or Kyle Connor. The Jets have the depth to trade one for a quality defenceman that the desperately need.

The Jets have a need for a defenceman who can bolster their top four at some point. Instead of signing this player, the Jets would be more prudent to make a trade for him and give up a young forward in the process.