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Translated Interview with Arvid Holm from Karlskrona

The new Winnipeg Jets prospect is the first player drafted from his club.

2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

When the Winnipeg Jets drafted Arvid Holm his home club, Karlskrona was elated as he was their first player ever drafted. Their website interviewed him and we have the English translation thanks to @ZebHabs.

Interviewer: Well Arvid first and foremost a huge congratulations to getting drafted by the Winnipeg Jets.

ARVID: Thank you very much its a huge honour.

I: There is a reason for the telephone interview, and its dicey at best, you are already on your way over to the US [and Canada]?

A: Yes I am in Växjö right now, then we will travel to Ljungby, Copenhagen before we fly across the Atlantic early tomorrow morning. It is exciting to say the least.

I: A bit of a obvious question, and probably with an obvious answer, but how did it feel when you got the information that you had been drafted in the sixth round?

A: I was actually surprised at first, it wasn’t something I had expected. First I was very surprised but then I was happy to say the least. It was mixed feelings, surprise and happiness.

I: and we [Karlskrona HK] are tremendously proud and honoured, you are our first own product and player that has been drafted.

A: I was told yesterday about that, and it is a huge honour for me as well, its something that I am very proud of too.

I: how does it work with the draft? Winnipeg has obviously followed you for a while, but what happens next?

A: I am going over tomorrow and then its a weeks development camp, I expect them to keep an eye on me during the season as well. That’s what I expect for the near future.

I: you have come up through Troja/Ljungby [OEL old club I think] you arrived to KHK before last season to develop in the U20's. Can you please tell us how you have worked with Timo [the goalie coach] has been?

A: It has been amazingly good. We clicked really fast, we could start to work with each other straight from the start. Both of us had a plan how I wanted to play and Timo was there to push and support me through out the whole season. He told and taught me how to develop these things. I have him to thank for a lot of things, but we can not forget other staff and everyone involved in the club, but yes Timo is a huge part of course.

I: What do you think for yourself and your future, in a few short words.

A: First and foremost; I want to play a lot of games next season in the U20's of course to take the next step at that level. But it would be great to get to play some senior hockey. To practice with the A-team to observe and learn from the senior goalies in the team. Thats my goal for the next season.

I: Will you become a small challenge for the senior goalies to deal with?

A: I hope to challenge them a bit at least, it would be fun! To put some pressure on them. It would be huge to be part of a game or two in SHL, of course, it would be amazing. But my aim is to learn from them before anything else, they have a lot to teach me.

I: Great Arvid, I know you are on your way more or less, we will let you go for now. But just a final congrats and best of luck over at the camp!

A: Thank you!