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NHL Draft 2017: Winnipeg Jets select Croix Evingson with the 211 pick

Yet another big defenceman.

Winnipeg Names New Coach Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With their final pick in the draft the Winnipeg Jets selected their third overager of the year by picking defenceman Croix Evingson of the Shreveport Mudbugs in the NAHL. He will be attending the UMass-Lowell next year to play hockey. Evingson is an Anchorage, Alaska native. He stands 6’5” and weighs 210 pounds making him another one of the Jets big picks.

During his draft year in the NAHL he put up four points including one goal in 38 games. He improved that to 52 points in 59 games this year. That is very good for a defenceman, but it is still to be determined what caused that improvement.

His past season was one of the best by a defenceman in NAHL history and led to him winning the NAHL Defenceman of the Year award. The Jets are obviously trying to fill an organizational need at defence, but it is yet to be seen if this strategy will pay off long-term.