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Patrik Laine makes the All-Rookie Team

It is basically the baby all star team.

2017 NHL Awards - Arrivals Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

While Patrik Laine’s season was not good enough to win the Calder Memorial Trophy, it was good enough to earn the Winnipeg Jets rookie forward a spot on the All-Rookie Team.

This move could trigger a bonus for Laine, but the Jets have so much space with the salary cap it is of no concern for them. This is a great accomplishment for Laine as it means he is one of the top three rookie forwards in the NHL in the eyes of the media.

Laine should be on the Jets top scoring line next year where he can continue scoring lots of goals and forcing defenders to decide if they want to defend the shot or the pass; either way they will most likely get burned.

Now, the Jets need to focus on improving their current roster as the off-season rolls forward. First is the schedule release tomorrow, then the draft on Friday with free agency starting up on Saturday, July 1.