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The Winnipeg Jets reveal their new jerseys!

Meet the new Jets jerseys...Same as the old Jets jerseys

Winnipeg Jets Install Logo And Lines In MTS Centre Ice Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images

The NHL just unveiled their new Adidas jerseys for the upcoming season and they’re....well the same old Jets. That’s nothing I have a problem with though, because I love the Jets 2.0 look. (In fact, I think this is the best the Jets have ever looked.) I’m actually glad they didn’t make any major changes, like adding red to their current set.

There ARE some minor changes however. Instead of baby blue collars, they are now navy blue to match the rest of the jersey and like all jerseys, the material has changed. If you purchased a World Cup of Hockey jersey last season, they’re just like that. Adidas claims that these jerseys will be the lightest ones yet with technology making the logos lighter as well as the rest of the jersey being cooler for players.

Some of the teams have major makeovers, specifically the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche. Most other teams have had minor tweaks made to their jerseys. Winnipeg has had the aforementioned changes that matchup with the pictures the clubs have been dropping all week. It seems as though all the teams also have something decorative in the inside of the collar like piano keys for the Nashville Predators.

What do you think of the new Jets uniforms? Are you ready to shell out the cash for a new one? Are there any other teams around the league with jerseys you’re interested in?