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The Winnipeg Jets sign Marko Dano to a one year contract

The Jets have retained one of the pieces of the Andrew Ladd trade.

Montreal Canadiens v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have signed Slovakian forward Marko Dano to a one year, one way contract. He will be paid $850 000 for one season. The one way contract means that he can still be sent to the AHL, but he will be paid his NHL salary. He would be subject to waivers if the Jets want to send him to the AHL.

This contract does not mean he will be protected in the expansion draft. It actually helps the Jets reach minimums for exposing players that have a contract for next year that the Vegas Knights might want to select. Because all free agents, restricted and unrestricted, remain a teams property until July 1 Vegas can select them in the draft, but they have to select a minimum of 20 players who are under contract for next year.

If Dano is protected by the Jets, this contract is an excellent move as he improves the Jets bottom six significantly and should help them win. The Jets cannot straight up trade Dano to the Vegas Golden Knights, but they can send a pick to them to ensure he is the player selected or not selected if they choose.