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The Winnipeg Jets are getting a new jersey!

Adidas has the NHL jersey deal now so all 31 teams are getting new jerseys.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today the Winnipeg Jets revealed a teaser to their new jersey. From what they showed, not a lot has changed from their old one. The full jersey will be released on June 20 in Las Vegas at the same time as the NHL Awards Show and the Expansion Draft.

The only changes we might see could be the bands around the arms or the bottom of the jersey. These changes would be minor and not change the general look of the Jets jerseys.

There are some teams where bigger changes are expected: the Colorado Avalanche are one of them and that is hopefully because they will lose the terrible shoulder piping that has contributed to the ugliness of their jersey for years. We also know that the Edmonton Oilers are going orange full-time this upcoming season. Finally, the Vegas Golden Knights will be revealing their jersey in full for the first time.