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Could the Carolina Hurricanes and Winnipeg Jets make a trade?

The Carolina Hurricanes are looking at trading a defenceman. Should the Winnipeg Jets be interested?

Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

Operating on the assumption that Jacob Trouba still wants out, the Winnipeg Jets should be exploring multiple trade options for him. The problem with exploring those options now is that Trouba needs to be protected in the expansion draft later this month. If the Jets wait until after the expansion draft, they might get a better return.

One team that might not be a good fit for Trouba, but could be a good fit for the Jets to make a trade with is the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes want to move a defenceman because they have a surplus. However, if the Jets find that they have a forward or forward prospects that they want to move to make a trade with the Canes, they should look into it. The player who is rumoured to be available is Noah Hanifin and although he is not as good as Justin Faulk or Jaccob Slavin, he is still very good.

The Jets would be hard pressed to trade Trouba to the Canes because they are not looking for a defenceman. However, if there is a trade that would have Trouba leaving the Jets and a forward coming back to the team, trading for Hanifin would be a smart idea to explore. The other option is the Jets could bring in a third team to trade Trouba to and that team could trade a forward to the Canes while the Jets get Hanifin.

In an ideal world Trouba decides that he does not want to be traded after all, but that world might not exist. Instead, the Jets might have to be scouring the league for the best move for the team if Trouba does not want to be here and one of those solutions might be exploring a trade with the Carolina Hurricanes.