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Hockey Wives Episode 4: To Russia with Love

Emilie Blum is forced to confront her fears of Jon possibly not being home when she gives birth and more!

Minnesota Wild v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

MP Morin: I think every week we get the same old story: she works a lot and Brandon is not signed. It is honestly boring. I am starting to think that MP needs to see herself separate from Brandon all together because she has so many dreams and works very hard to reach them. MP thinks that Brandon is a great hockey player and can be a difference maker in the NHL. For your own self esteem, find someone who thinks as highly of your talents as MP thinks of Brandon as a hockey player.

Catherine Laflamme Letang: During the season she is planning on travelling to Canada periodically to work on her children’s clothing line. She wants her son Alex to try on some of the clothes to make sure they fit so he can model them, but he has other plans like running around like any three year old. She says to her best friend that she actually has a genetic condition that makes it harder for her to carry a pregnancy to term, which is why she has had multiple miscarriages.

Martine Auclair Vlasic: She really does not want to go back to San Jose (she stays in Canada for the first part of the season because the Sharks are on the road so much) and she does not like leaving their life in Canada for a strictly hockey life in San Jose. While Marie can be overwhelming when it comes to the pressure she puts on Marc, it is becoming obvious that while she is a hockey fan and loves Marc, she is not the biggest fan of the hockey life and would probably prefer simply living in Canada if it meant Marc was home all the time. When Martine talks about not being able to work in the US, it makes me think about what work actually does for people: it allows you to socialize and have your own life. Volunteering can even get you out of your house and maybe meet people, but a job is something just a bit more than that and can help fill in a social space that can be lacking sometimes.

Emilie Blum: Travelling to Russia when you are eight months pregnant is pretty brave and Emilie did that to see her husband Jon who is now injured with a broken elbow. AND NOW WE HAVE A JAMES WRIGHT SIGHTING AS HE PLAYS ON THE SAME TEAM AS JON. Wright’s wife has a young baby and was originally hesitant with Russia. Jon’s broken elbow is making things hard for Emilie because he is the breadwinner in the family and she is going through an emotional time being pregnant. But good news, after surgery in Germany, Jon is going to be able to fly home to the US for at least part of his recovery, allowing him to be with Emilie when their child is born.