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Trading Trouba: The Sam Bennett Edition

If the Jets go to trade Trouba, is Bennett plus a player or a pick a fair option?

Calgary Flames v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

Jacob Trouba wanted to be traded last off-season and he was not. With it being likely that contract talks will start again this off-season, the Winnipeg Jets might also have to explore trading Trouba if he makes it clear that he does not want to stay in Winnipeg. One of the players Trouba could be traded for is Sam Bennett of the Calgary Flames. Bennett is supposedly on the market and Elliotte Friedman suggested that the Anaheim Ducks might be an option, but why not the Jets and Trouba instead.

Bennett is a centre for the Flames and has been in the NHL for two full seasons. In this time he has generally showed that he has the ability to develop into a solid even strength player given time. In his first season he was able to drive play in relation to his teammates, something he struggled with this past season. His goals/60 was nearly half of what it was in his rookie season, which is a pretty big decline. If Bennett can bounce back to his rookie form and then improve on it, he should be a very nice scoring player. His struggles this season are partially to do with the fact he played alongside Troy Brouwer for stretches this season; he looked fine away from him. But he definitely took a step back and that is a bit of a concern.

However, Bennett alone should not be enough for Trouba. The Jets might want to look at a high draft pick or possibly a player like Michael Ferland. Ferland is a 30 point player who found success in Calgary. He is from Swan River, Manitoba and has been a solid player for the Flames.

The Jets should explore a trade with the Flames for Jacob Trouba, but it is unlikely that the fit is with Trouba for Sam Bennett.