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Hockey Wives: To Eurasia for Love

In the third episode, we get ready to travel to Europe and Asia with some of the wives!

Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Mari-Pier Morin: MP and Brandon Prust finally talk to each other after a month a part. They did not see each other for a month because he was mean to her one night so she left. It is important that she stands up for herself, but the more I watch them, the more I wonder if this is a healthy relationship or one based on magnetic attraction. Later on she gets really emotional because Brandon’s career is floundering and her’s blossoming. She wants a real relationship where they have a life together and everything and it seems like that is a long ways away right now. Morin is asking Prust a lot of tough questions about their relationship and where they are headed. Prust does not seem to understand why she is wondering if they should break up because they are “together” but not really together in any sense of the word anymore.

Emilie Blum: She is visiting her family in Chicago and they seem to have a hard time understanding how she has to live her life now that her husband lives in Russia. This includes the fact she will be flying back home at 34 weeks pregnant and be induced the day he comes back for a few days so he can have as much time as possible with their baby. One thing that this show has really taught me is that when you are pregnant, people think they can tell you what is best for baby even if mom and doctor have made medically informed decisions. Emilie is a saint for being able to handle all of her family’s opinions on her birth plan. Beyond all of this, Emilie has come a long way from “NHL or nothing” to “the KHL is what we need right now”. She realizes what is best for her husband’s career, no matter how hard it is on her right now.

Erica Lundmark: Time to take three kids to Austria to see their dad and she can see her husband! But first, time to put everything away for winter; thankfully she has a good friend who was willing to come over to help her. Erica seems focussed on making sure that once Jamie retires she will be the breadwinner with her real estate business. The only downside of this is that the bigger the business gets, the less time they spend going to visit Jamie.

Vanessa Vandal: She is pregnant and she is having a hard time with it because she is studying interior design while raising a young son (Mason) with David Perron. It is easy to see how school and a young child is stressful, especially if your partner works a lot or travels a lot (or both). While planning how to handle the birth if David is still in the playoffs, she is hit by how alone they are in the world: away from family, in a foreign country, and having to speak a second language (first language is French).