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Expansion Draft News: Jets expected to protect Hellebuyck

Finally, some clarity on the Jets off-season goalie plan.

Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

In the least surprising news possible, there are reports surfacing on TSN that the Jets are planning on protecting Connor Hellebuyck instead of Michael Hutchinson in the expansion draft in June. This is possible because Hutchinson has one year left on his contract.

There have been suspicions that the Jets might be looking to sign a veteran goalie this summer. This would be welcomed news if true, but it is unlikely that much will happen on the goalie market until the dust settles on the expansion draft. Some teams have re-signed back up goalies to contract extensions because it allows for them to protect their starter.

Expect some leaks of who teams will or will not protect up to the release of the lists for the expansion draft. Also, expect to see more movement in the lead up to the draft as teams make sure they do not lose good players for no asset because they do not have a spot to protect them with.