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Hockey Wives Season Three: New Cast, Same Great Content

Another season, another set of reviews of the greatest reality drama on TV!

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This season Hockey Wives moves away from all NHL wives and journeys into a brave new land of other hockey leagues. Based on the preview at the start of the show, this season is going to be less about doing things for the cameras and more about day to day life when one person in the household travels all the time and you might be living in a foreign country where working is hard or impossible.

Mari-Pier Morin: An old favourite and a veteran of three seasons. This year seems like it is going to be very interesting as we get more drama from the relationship between her and Brandon Prust. Their story starts off with Prust’s charity golf tournament where MP is diminished to giving people drinks even though she is a bigger celebrity than some of the hockey players. She also (finally) admits that she does not like how he talks to her all the time. To cap it all off, she raised an extra $2 500 by saying she would jump in the pond at Prust’s golf tournament. You go, MP.

As the episode went on it becomes apparent that MP is not exactly pleased with Brandon’s attitude. He complains about having to support her even when she does the same for him happily. He centres everything around himself, even though she has her own goals that she is achieving. To be completely honest, this episode made Brandon look completely selfish and like he is not willing to entertain being an equally supportive partner to his fiancee.

Catherine LaFlamme: Kris Letang’s wife shares that they were friends from high school and then quickly shares the story of the day he had his stroke. Laflamme also found a way to do her own thing by teaming up with Veronique Fleury to start a kids clothing line. She was in pre-med (sciences) before moving to Pittsburgh. I am assuming that this is because of the language differences between French and English.

She also opens up about having two miscarriages, including one in the middle of the playoffs and her desire to not put anything on her husband’s plate that does not have to do with his career at certain points. I feel like this must be super isolating at certain points in your life, especially ones that take a major emotional toll on you and your support system is not available to be there for you when you most need them.

Martine Auclair Vlasic: This proud dog mom, which is totally a thing, owns a Crosby jersey because she is a total hockey fan. This includes the dogs giving Marc-Eduard a nerf gun with Martine remarking that he is easy to shop for as long as she thinks that she is shopping for an eight year old boy. Nerf gun FTW.

On a more serious note, Martine allows for the camera to show a conversation between her and her sister where they discuss her and Marc-Eduard’s struggles to conceive. She talks about how people think they do not like kids or do not want kids because they do not have kids without realizing that the reason some people do not have kids has nothing to do with their dreams and desires about having a family.

Erica Lundmark: The first sign that this season will be way different than previous seasons is the introduction of real estate agent Erica Lundmark. Jamie, a former first round pick of the New York Rangers, has been playing in Austria for a few years now. Showing what happens after the NHL is no longer an option is a new angle and it will showcase just what has to happen to keep a family unit functioning when a parent is playing professional sports while the other parent is on a different continent. In order to support the family Erica is a realtor with a team of seven other agents while also raising three kids with a husband who is located in Europe for long stretches during the year.

What makes Erica really interesting is that she focuses on higher-end clients, especially hockey players. She takes special care of all the families because she knows what it’s like to have to move to a city where you know no one. It makes sense that Erica would target a group that she knows so intimately. Other than that, the strain that happens when a family lives in two different places. I know it is their choice, but I think it shows the cost of someone pursuing their dream at all cost, even if that dream is unrealistic now.

Join me again next week when the final four wives are introduced to us and more drama ensues.