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Patrik Laine will not play against the Vancouver Canucks

After falling ill between Friday and Sunday, the rookie sensation will not play tonight.

Calgary Flames v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

The highly unwatchable Winnipeg Jets have gotten even more unwatchable with Patrik Laine falling ill in between the Jets Friday night loss and tonight. Marko Dano will play in his steed and Andrew Copp will fill in on the top line in lieu of Laine.

This is a major blow for the Jets in many ways. In a lost season one of the few reasons remaining to watch the Jets was Laine and his scoring prowess. Watching the young Finn confuse defences by making them wonder if he was going to shoot or pass is always fun. Hopefully this illness only lasts one game and the Jets can up their watchability factor again by regaining his health. Until then, let’s all watch a team that calls itself a NHL team play against another team that calls itself a NHL team and hope that the game that occurs somewhat resembles a NHL game.