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Recap: Jets left singing the Blues

Jets fire 46 shots and still manage to get shut out.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets will be preparing for revenge tomorrow against the St. Louis Blues after losing tonight in a 2-0 shut out. Blues goalie Carter Hutton was fantastic and fully deserved the shut out. Steve Mason was also strong and should garner more playing time in the second half of the season. As for tomorrow it is expected that Jake Allen and Connor Hellebuyck will be the two goalies.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Blues first power play was off of a bad call from the refs. Sadly the Blues scored on the power play, but thems the breaks in the NHL. On another note, the Jets are taking less dumb penalties this year.
  2. Chris Thorburn is on the Blues...and I do not miss him one bit. I cannot even remember if he is playing tonight or not. This is different from when he was in Winnipeg and I was really bothered by him playing instead of being scratched.
  3. It seems wasteful for the Jets to not have Patrik Laine in a one-timer position. I am not sure how they can change that, but it just seems wrong to have him hang out down low or in the middle surrounded by penalty killers.
  4. I saw a great shift for the third line that ended in a scoring chance and thought “the fourth line has been great this year”. I know the Jets have been winning and everything, but it would be great if they moved that line to the fourth line and put a couple more skilled players with Mathieu Perreault on the third line. A girl can dream.
  5. It is rare that a team can play like the Jets did in the second period and not score a goal. Carter Hutton was on fire and there was nothing the Jets could do to break him.
  6. I forgot that Patrick Berglund and Scottie Upshall are still in the NHL. Shows you how much I pay attention to everything.
  7. Steve Mason was fantastic this game, even though he allowed two goals. He made some fantastic saves and was able to weather a couple storms.
  8. I love Patrik Laine and I think the talk about him struggling is wrong, but something does seem off with him this year. I know that the late penalty is not necessarily indicative of this, but is was a really bad time to take a penalty.
  9. Nikolaj Ehlers is great at cutting to the middle and creating time and space for himself. It is really fun watching him create something out of a simple rush.
  10. The Jets need to find a way to have more chances off of rushes as they have to use up a lot of time cycling the puck down low to get a one and done shot.