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Logan Stanley cut by Team Canada

The first rounder is heading back to Kitchener.

2017 Memorial Cup - Championship Photo by Dennis Pajot/Getty Images

After two games against USports (the entity formerly known the CIS), Logan Stanley has been cut by Team Canada. It is most likely deserved for even if Stanley has improved, he is still not a great skater and could have gotten into trouble against some speedier teams in the tournament.

This is a disappointment for Stanley. After missing most of last year with injury, it would have been a triumphant return for the 2016 first round pick to make Team Canada’s World Junior in his draft +2 year. It is not the end of the world for Stanley, but he will have to continue to prove that he can play against top competition in his age group.

In other Jets prospects news, Mikhail Berdin is confirmed to be playing for Russia already and Kristian Vesalainen is most likely a shoe in for Finland based on his stats in the Liiga.