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Lemieux to Moose, Perreault to Return?

The young forward has headed back to the AHL.

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Brendan Lemieux has been sent to the Manitoba Moose which hopefully means that Mathieu Perreault is ready to come off of injured reserve and play tomorrow night. It could also be possible that this move was made to free up a roster spot to call up a defenceman in wake of the potential Tyler Myers injury.

This is excellent news for the Winnipeg Jets and will only make their lineup stronger. The Jets have been rolling two scoring lines and two grinding lines. By injecting more skill into the lineup and keeping Kyle Connor with the team, the Jets are forcing themselves to play more skilled players.

In other news, there is no word on Myers health yet, although the team has not skated today. If he is going to be out for any amount of time expect to see Tucker Poolman called up as the Jets are only carrying seven defenceman at the moment.