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Preview: Winnipeg Jets at Vegas Golden Knights

The Jets are flying into battle against their newest foes.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After starting the season off incredibly strong, the Vegas Golden Knights have started to falter. On the other hand, the Winnipeg Jets are starting to come into their own with their goaltending and offensive prowess.

Vegas currently does not have their top three goalies as Marc-Andre Fleury is working his way back from a concussion while Malcolm Subban and Oscar Dansk are also out with injuries. The Jets would be smart to take advantage of the Golden Knights lack of goalies and simply pepper them with shots.

Outside of the goaltending, the Golden Knights have a fairly decent roster. They have enough skill that they can compete with other teams and enough defencemen that they can withstand injuries. They are a capable, skilled team that does get outshot frequently. Players like David Perron are where their bread and butter are as they have the most skill on a thin lineup.

Alongside Perron, notable forward James Neal is another player that Vegas can rely on to be able to score. They might not have the most skilled team in the NHL, but they have been able to build a team that is collectively able to hold their own against established NHL teams this year. That is partially because the NHL made much more forgiving expansion rules which forced teams to expose more players than just fourth liners.

Anyways, the Jets have spent the past three days in Vegas. Let’s hope this does not turn into a spending an extra night in Montreal situation.