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Game 1 Preview: Toronto Maple Leafs at the Winnipeg Jets

The Jets open at home tonight against the Big Smoke.

NHL: Preseason-Winnipeg Jets at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets are opening the season against the Toronto Maple Leafs after naming their team yesterday. They are opening in Winnipeg which means they should theoretically be able to line-match accordingly, but that is up to Paul Maurice to be able to match wits with Mike Babcock.

The Jets have elected to keep eight defencemen and only 11 forwards, although those numbers can change if injuries or playing time for a young player becomes an issue. Until that time, the Jets might have a rotation of players or they might have their set groups and only insert players when there is an injury.

As for the Leafs, the team is back with a potent attack that is centred around young players and was first showcased last season. This year they should be even better, but there will always be those who think that the sophomore slump is real and will ruin a team. This is not likely the case. Instead, the Leafs will most likely still be a strong offensive team centred around young players, ready to take over the world.