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Patrik Laine donates a signed jersey to help raise money for cancer research

Patrik Laine has donated his jersey to a great cause.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Patrik Laine is helping raise money for cancer research by donating his signed jersey to Camilla Norlund’s fundraising efforts in light of her own cancer diagnosis in late 2016. Norlund is a Swedish television host and the fiancee of Winnipeg Jets defenceman Tobias Enstrom.

This is a generous move from Laine. The campaign has already surpassed the initial goal with a single donation from a supporter of the Luleå hockey club in Sweden. Laine donating his jersey should bring in more money as he is quite popular in the hockey world already. Hopefully this will bring more eyes to Norlund’s campaign and allow her to raise even more money than she already has. This gesture has the ability to help many people in Sweden and beyond.

Hopefully Camilla gets well soon and is able to raise lots of money for cancer research while she is recovering and after that.