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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25: #12 Josh Morrissey

The defenseman of the future? You damn well better hope.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports
Position DOB Acquired Truck Arby Derek Trevor Ian Brian Cole Daniel Allan Phillip Matt Andy
13th, 2013
16 8


The defenseman of the future just got so much more important to the team, with Trouba's trade request, it seems that Josh Morrissey just secured a spot. At least if the coaching staff doesn't already have Stuart as a staple in the lineup. He did a really good job in his first year in the AHL after a slow start, which I've noticed is a signature in Morrissey's development. Every time he's made a league jump, he needs a little time to season before he starts to show his true stuff. In other words, think of a car that takes a little longer to hit 0-60, but that car handles much better at 60 than all the other cars.

Scoring Statistics:

AIH Author's Thoughts:

"Josh Morrissey hasn't made the Jets and this gives some fans plenty of pause. Others are less concerned after a strong season in the AHL. Josh still has all of the plus skills that made him a first round pick. He is still a smart play - even relative to AHL players, but he hasn't cracked the NHL lineup. If that doesn't change, some of the luster will surely fall off. I hope to see him play significant NHL minutes this year - ideally at the expense of Mark Stuart." - Truck

"Morrissey is the Winnipeg Jets defenceman of the future, and a lot is riding in it. Last season with the Moose, Morrissey started out kind of slow, but started to come around in role and responsibility. It seems that his star is rising, and he may find himself in the starting lineup of the Jets defense corp this coming season. Whether he stays there or not is entirely up to him." - Andy

"He'd better turn out, as there are virtually no other options for LHD in the pipe. Despite not putting up very good numbers last year with the Moose, word is he improved a lot down the stretch so there is hope. But if he goes bust, so do the Jets." - arby

"Morrissey struggled in his first year with the Moose but slowly found his groove. I think the Jets are really hoping he makes the team this year since his only competition seems to be Brain Strait and Ben Chiarot. He is the Jets only hope on the left side and Enstrom isn't getting any younger." - Ian


Josh Morrissey, for the sake of Jet fans, needs to come in and excel. The pressure that's on him isn't exactly fair, but in these circumstances, it's inevitable. If Morrissey lives up to the expectations however, he could easily be a staple defender for years to come.

Any thoughts on our #12 player under 25, Josh Morrissey? Let us know down in the comment section!