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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25: #14 Andrew Copp

After being gifted the fourth line C spot last year, Copp faces some stiff competition despite impressing.

Copp is showing off some sick moves.
Copp is showing off some sick moves.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
Position DOB Acquired Truck Arby Derek Trevor Ian Brian Cole Daniel Allan Phillip Matt Andy
104th, 2014 7 15
11 18


It's for the best that today's #14 chose hockey over football. The former high school quarterback is ready to start his second full NHL season after beginning his career with the 2014-15 season finale. Last season he was essentially given the fourth line center spot, but this year, with the acquisition of more depth, he's going to have to take his game to the next level if he wants to remain in that spot.

Scoring Statistics:

To put it bluntly, Andrew Copp isn't a dominant scorer. His max point total was 31 points in his final year at Michigan. But being a fourth round pick, The Jets have already gotten their money's worth with him. Netting 13 points in his first full NHL season, Copp has already shown he can be a solid fourth line forward and he still has room to grow as a player. If he reaches his ceiling, Copp could be a middle tier third line C, or an elite level fourth liner.

Advanced Statistics:


This chart shows that Copp produces goals at a second line level, but his shot generation is below a fourth line level. On the other hand, his shot suppression, which is more utilized on the fourth line, is on a high second line level like his goal production.


His stats via Corsica Hockey...

AIH Author's Thoughts:

"Copp appeared to have been gifted a roster spot last year and he struggled early, but he got stronger as the season progressed. That said, there may not be a roster spot to gift this time around. Copp will be battling for a depth role versus a number of youngsters." - Truck

"Copp is the kind of player who PoMo loves...grit, determination and no quit. As the season wore on and his line partners changed to reflect a more offensive style, Copp benefitted. Unfortunately, he may find himself in competition for the 4th line center role this year, after he was gifted the position the year previous." - Andy

"Copp really turned things on at the end of the season when paired with more offensive minded teammates. Perhaps he has been miscast as a fourth line centre. I hope PoMo gives him the opportunity to play on the third line this year. With the additions of Laine and potentially even Connor, that may give him the opportunity to play with players that know how to score." - Ian

"Copp, once he was paired with better linemates showed that he is definitely capable of being a good depth player. I think he shows more talent and will be better than his biggest comparable on the roster, Adam Lowry As I stated above, Copp could develop into a pretty decent third line forward, but with the forward depth the Jets have, it's unknown whether or not he would even get the chance." - Brian

"I wasn't a fan of him being handed a spot out of camp last year as Jim Slater's replacement, as he didn't do much there until he got away from the plugs (who'll likely still be there). I'm not sure what his future holds, but his near future appears to be with the Moose thanks to not needing waivers. Hopefully he isn't with the big club just so Trouba can have a Michigan roommate..." - arby


Andrew Copp certainly has the potential to be one of the better depth players on the roster. His development could dramatically increase depending on his usage. But even if he stagnates here, the Jets have already gotten their value back on that fourth round pick. Especially in a weak draft like 2014.

Any thoughts on our #14 player under 25, Andrew Copp? Let us know down in the comment section!