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Winnipeg Jets' 2016 Top 25 Under 25: #20 Brandon Tanev

The Jets pick up a college free agent. Is there anything to come of it?

Brandon Tanev fights off the Kings.
Brandon Tanev fights off the Kings.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Position DOB Acquired Truck Arby Derek Trevor Ian Brian Cole Daniel Allan Phillip Matt Andy
College UFA 21 18
20 26
20 UR
20 18


Brandon Tanev, (brother of Vancouver Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev) was signed by the Jets as a college free agent out of Providence. The young, speedy winger was a part of the 2014-15 NCAA Frozen Four Championship team notching up 23 points. This last season, he put up his highest point totals in his college career while playing alongside fellow Jets prospect Erik Foley.

From his Elite Prospects scouting report:

"Well-rounded two-way winger that can score as well as be trusted with defensive zone time. Moves the puck out well and has excellent positional recognition around the neutral zone and just inside the blueline. Great along the half wall and battles hard. Cycles well and keeps the puck moving when in-possession. Very good mobility, and his speed might be his most prominent asset. Unquestionable shot and puck skills."

Scoring Statistics:

AIH Author's Thoughts:

"I don't see Tanev becoming much more than another Halischuk - a speedy, try hard depth player. Hopefully he will prove to be better defensively if he ever makes the show." - Truck

"He strikes me as they type of mucker who this franchise covets. The signing out of the NCAA was great as it cost nothing but money, and he may pan out to be a 4th-line depth player. Low ceiling with a decent floor." - Arby

"Tanev came to the Jets late last year, and by the time he arrived, the Jets were out of the playoff hunt and were destined to be golfing in April. So, what better time to sign a college player to an entry level contract and burn off a year. Speed and lots of it, Tanev crashed his way around the rink in the games he played in and showed lots of energy. Whether he makes the Jets or is sent down to the Moose, Tanev knows his role within the confines of the MTS Center."  - Andy

"Tanev is nothing more than a depth signing for the Jets when injuries take down some players. A speedy player that will certainly improve the Moose this year." - Ian

"I'm not seeing much more growth from Tanev. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as he's already developed into a nice, speedy, depth player. I don't see him being a regular into the Jets lineup with the sickening depth of left handed forwards, but he'll be a welcome help to the Moose who certainly need it." - Brian


Brandon Tanev doesn't have anything new and flashy for the Jets, but what he does contribute is a good, speedy depth option that has already shown (albeit in a brief period) he can handle the NHL game. Regardless of where he plays, whether the Jets or (likely) the Moose, Tanev will be able to contribute a decent amount. The Moose will certainly benefit from his game.

Any thoughts on our #20 player under 25, Brandon Tanev? Let us know down in the comment section!