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AIH 20416 Episode 42: Bad Trades & Bad Signings

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It's been a wild few weeks in the NHL, with the wildest time coming in the span of about an hour last June 29th, when two crazy trades took place (along with the Steven Stamkos decision to stay in Tampa Bay, but that actually became the third biggest story of that day. MADNESS!).

To talk about the trades, we first spoke with Sunil Agnihotri (@sunilagni on Twitter) of Copper And Blue about the Oilers deal that sent Taylor Hall to New Jersey. Then, we had a conversation with Marc Dumont (@MarcPDumont on Twitter) of Habs Eyes On The Prize about the PK Subban for Shea Weber trade, as well as a few interesting signings in Montreal. After the trade talk was done, we touched base with Dan Saraceni (@cultureoflosing on Twitter) of Lighthouse Hockey on Andrew Ladd's signing with the Islanders, not to mention the lowdown on Brain Strait, the latest amazing good decent so-so free agent defenceman to sign with the Winnipeg Jets. It's a JAM PACKED SHOW!

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