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Patrik Laine says a lot of things

Patrik Laine seems to have all the charisma of a chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven. He had a lot to say today and almost all of it was good.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Patrik Laine is not like most hockey players in the sense that he speaks his mind. His favourite player is Alex Ovechkin and is seems like he has adopted the same Devil May Care attitude when it comes to how he is perceived by the media. The top prospects were in San Jose today for the traditional Stanley Cup Final game, as well as their meet and greet with the media. Laine had quite a bit to say, including some thoughts on Winnipeg itself and his favourite music.

So Laine is not like most Finns (according to him) who like rock. Has someone told him Winnipeg has a lot of Classic Rock radio stations, but not much to offer in terms of rap?

Hopefully Laine can reproduce these results in Winnipeg so he has something to do when it is cold and in the middle of the season.

The Jets do have great fans and tend to love almost every player who plays for the Jets. If they can love Mark Stuart, they will probably love you, Patrik.

This is wonderful. I love this. Now there is knowledge of at least one member of the media playing the game.

Adults who want autographs for money are gross, good on you kid.