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The Torch is Passed: Philip Iver is the new Managing Editor of Arctic Ice Hockey

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Retiring doesn't make me 7 feet tall - truck

Hello everybody. You may remember me from such websites as I haven't been posting a ton lately. Life is busy (good busy, not bad busy) and you guys deserve better.

Thankfully, we have better!

I am excited to announce that Philip Iver will be taking over as the Managing Editor of Arctic Ice Hockey. Philip is awesome and I am excited to see what he can do with the site.

AIH has been my go-to for hockey talk since the return of the Jets. I started as a reader providing feedback in the comments section - I still love the comments section - and I love seeing how much the community has grown. Every comment after every post is gold and I am excited to see continued growth under Phil.

As for me, I'll still be around. I'll still be posting and commenting. I just didn't feel I was living up to the bill of Managing Editor and I wanted to pass the torch.

I like the Winnipeg Jets, Star Wars and long walks on the beach - PhilipAIver

Thanks for that, Tim. No pressure.

At risk of revealing the walking cliché generator that I am, I'd like to mention what a tremendous honour it is to assume this mantle. I must also sincerely thank Tim, both for bringing me aboard in the first place and then allowing the ability and freedom to develop my own voice. I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for him, and as such, please send any and all complaints his way.

I'm no grand visionary, seeking to reinvent the wheel or revolutionize the blogosphere. What I am is a fan, one who hopes to ensure Arctic Ice Hockey is a community always deserving of your readership and your participation. I'll be leaning on Cara, Tim, the rest of our staff and all of you to help make that not a goal, but a constant reality.