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AIH Superfans Episode 29: NHL Draft Lottery Spectacular!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hello everyone! Do you want to listen to a bunch of grown men lose their minds over the NHL Draft Lottery? For those rather odd folks who just answered yes, do we have a podcast for you!

I'd like to claim we were man yelling, but no, Episode 29 of the AIH Superfans featured shrieking, screeching and downright giddiness. But be honest, you and/or someone you know probably did the exact same thing.

Aside from our live reaction to the lottery results, we also engaged in a much-needed decompress, one which discussed:

  • Who should the Winnipeg Jets select with the 2nd overall pick?
  • The potential impact of **insert player here** and Kyle Connor (remember him?) on next season's lineup
  • A preliminary hope vis-à-vis Chicago's 1st round draft pick
  • The possible Expansion Draft, No-Movement Clauses and Tyler Myers
  • No but seriously, was the NHL Draft Lottery must-see TV or what?
  • Touching upon the fallout for other teams down the draft board

Check it out!


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Tune in, let us know how we did in the Comments section below, and be sure to send your questions, concerns, thoughts and haterade our way by tweeting @AIHSuperfans. Remember to follow Alan at @sliiiiip, yours truly at @PhilipAIver, Papi at @BigPapiPegCity and Ryan at @arby_18!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!