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AIH Superfans Ep. 25: Papi woke up yesterday and started farting rainbows

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! Recorded on Monday, April 4th, Episode 25's triumvirate of AlanPapi and yours truly may or may not have gone on a Winnipeg Jets happiness binge!

Topics included:

  • The week which was, up to and including games versus the Ottawa Senators, Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild
  • Mark Scheifele playing without postseason pressure while simultaneously playing for his next contract
  • The top-line's performance, often coming against the opponent's best
  • Next year's potential numbers crunch among the forward corps
  • The clear weakness on Winnipeg's organizational depth chart, and possibly selecting a LHD in June
  • How far down the draft board can Winnipeg fall and still be all right?
  • Excitement for the future being tempered by the Jets refusal to cut bait
  • "Wasting" the primes of Blake Wheeler/Andrew Ladd/Bryan Little/Dustin Byfuglien; does it matter?
  • Wariness over the organization's willingness to bring in external help and attack when the time is right
  • This plan hasn't been ideal, but can it still pan out?
  • Reasons for being optimistic

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!