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Season Review: Adam Lowry

He's got a good defensive stick, but will he get better offensively?

Keeping the Hits Coming!
Keeping the Hits Coming!
Ray Peters-USA TODAY Sports

What sets Adam Lowry apart from other young forwards is his defensive game. Drafted 67th overall in 2011, he enters this off-season as a restricted free agent and in search of a new contract. One glance at his statistics would make you think he has taken a step back or regressed.

With this step backwards you would think the Jets will have an upper hand as the two parties head into negotiations, but Adam Lowry fits within the mold of what the Jets are trying to become. I, for one, see Lowry as part of the long term plan over alternatives such as Andrew Copp or Alex Burmistrov.  With that in mind, I think they decide on a bridge deal at most around 4 years at 2 million.

When we review Lowry's performance this year, we must consider the fact that Adam Lowry was asked to make large adjustments to his game and be responsible for shutting down the other team's best. With a goalless streak to start the season that stretched to 28 games and a trip to the Moose, it's safe to say that this young player had a few challenges making the adjustment. After his slump, he ended up scoring at a pace of 1 goal every 6.5 games, a carbon copy of the scoring rate he had in his 11 goal 2014-2015 season.

One area that you can see a notable change in production while playing against more skilled competition is in his hitting. In the Winnipeg Jets' 2014-2015 season, Lowry amassed 256 hits to place first on a heavy-hitting team and 12th in the entire league. Adam still ranked 2nd on the team in hits but only delved out 187 bone-crushers this season. Is this the result of a different style of play?  Perhaps coaching instruction?  I would argue, that the biggest difference is in his the quickness of his competition.

Adam Lowry has the potential to be a quality fourth liner as the Jets continue to focus on becoming a contender. He will draw minutes on the penalty kill and will be a reliable agitator. With another year of #Scoreburn, I think we might have to wait for a line I've been thinking of for a while now: Lemieux - Lowry - Lipon would be the most amazing and frustrating checking line to play against, creating carnage the likes of which would make the Jets a scary team to play against.

Remember when we used to lovingly chant GST?
LLL is a real 4th line...  Here's to hoping.