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AIH Superfans Ep. 27: Choking on Tacos, Manitoba Politics and Kyle Connor

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Hello everyone! Recorded on Monday, April 18th, Episode 27 featured a return of the Winnipeg Jets happiness triumvirate, though we didn't quite reach the same levels of optimism as last time we three made merry.

Topics included:

  • Kyle Connor under contract! What will his role be next season?
  • Gary Lawless and the 2016 World Junior Championship
  • Expansion draft anxiety
  • Mark Chipman interviews, making money and Lee Stempniak
  • Helmet Pardy, Track Suit Night and single-A baseball
  • Tucker Poolman and selecting a LHD with Winnipeg's 2016 1st round pick
  • Too many RHD on the dance floor
  • The saddest provincial election in the history of this country

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Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening!