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Winnipeg Jets are hosting a Heritage Classic against the Edmonton Oilers

The Jets and Oilers are taking it outside!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets will be hosting a Heritage Classic against the Edmonton Oilers at Investors Group Field on October 23. This means that one of the Jets first home games will be outside in the beautiful fall weather as opposed to the concrete jungle of the MTS Centre. The seasons should be about two weeks old at this point so the Oilers will still be in a playoff position.

The Jets and Oilers will be playing an alumni game as well. This is where things should get really fun as Wayne Gretzky has already managed to get the band back together for the Oilers. Depending on the Jets take on the alumni game, the Jets could feature a who's who of confusing names and great Russians a like. Hopefully we will get to see Ilya Kovalchuk in a Jets jersey, at least for a day.

This game did not happen sooner because of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers hosting a Grey Cup last year, but the timing of the event means that the building will not have to run all winter.