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Mark Stuart Returns; Jets Win 4-1

Coincidence? Obviously not.

Stu and Pavs forever <3
Stu and Pavs forever <3
Ray Peters-USA TODAY Sports

There are very few guarantees in this world. Death, taxes and the Jets winning during a key tank stretch WHILE getting out Corsi'd. AIH Superfan @sliiiiip said it best on Twitter: "A disaster of a season and probably not even a top 5 pick to show for it." Absolute failure is obviously impossible, but points in the last three games this late in the season is spelling doom for Team Tank.

The Winnipeg Jets 'sadwagon' treads on into Buffalo for a Saturday matinee matchup with the fellow lottery participant Sabres.


But back to tonight's game:

Some Thoughts:

  • Stu being back, in addition to tonight's win is going to correlate to a lot of fanboys.
  • As is Enstrom being out. So remember kids, correlation does NOT equal causation.
  • The Jets can't tank properly. It's pretty sad.
  • Paul Maurice, yesterday on 1290 actually said Mark Stuart is in contention for the captaincy. As if we at AIH aren't crazy enough.
  • I want a Ghost Bear for Christmas.
  • Marko Dano was the only Corsi plus player tonight with a +8. I Dano how he did so much better than the rest of his teammates.
  • Breathe easy guys, Kyle Connor is still very good at hockey. He and the University of Michigan start their playoff run Saturday night in Cincinnati against rival Notre Dame. A loss would end Michigan's season and possibly start the Kyle Connor era in Winnipeg.

What did you think of tonight's game? Is the occasional win worth the cost of possibly missing out on a top five pick? Am I too angry about possibly losing out on said pick? Let us know down in the comments!